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What is a Methodology Statement

The steps the task or scope of works requires from start of finish. Simple enough right!Forte Building Manager in front of Commercial Buildings | Methodology Statement
The exercise is not a political or documentation for the sake of it, the exercise is to ask the stakeholders of the vendor, including the workers, and the managers to “think” about some “what if” possibilities and answer them along the way of this dot point statement. Its is not a sales document, no “sugar coating”, benefits and features here, just the raw actions, possible consequences and follow-up actions, time lines, and safety strategies as and when required.

Why Write a methodology Statement

We Can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them

Albert Einstein
In facility management, we will at times, ask a supplier or contractor for a method statement of what they are going to do, i.e. for the details about the way their task or work process will be completed. The vendor may have a proposal, tender, project, or they may have some scheduled / planned maintenance in their scope, or a repair / corrective maintenance which need to be completed in a safe and timely manner. The procurement team request the method statement for several reasons.Forte Building Manager working at Laptop iin Manager's office | Methodology Statement

Tender submissions

A Method Statements is typically requested as part of a tender (RFT) process which allows the procurement team to gain further insight into your business systems and processes in the delivery of your work. The method statement will offer the opportunity for the vendor to demonstrate how it can deliver the project, on time, in safe and compliant manner.


“Safe Work Method Statement” or “SWMS” have a specific agenda towards making the work safe and consideration to worst case scenarios, but any methodology statement should have safety strategies and process included in the submission. The procurement team are identifying and mitigating risk, risk includes, people, financial, property, business and other direct and indirect risk.Facility manager signing a contract | Methodology Statement


Controlling risk is prime motivation for the method statement. The procurement team are looking to satisfy their risk management policies for considerations or risk to people, financial, property, tenants, business and others.
The method statement assists the vendor also, as it generate discussion and inquiry in to scenarios they may not have previously considered.

Why Would a Facility Manager Require a Method Statement

Risk Management!
From the Facility Management point of view, if the FM can read a document which demonstrates competence, safety, industry knowledge, and consideration for other people and property, then we will be more likely to issue the purchase order.
A vendor might argue that the statement is just a document and what a company actually does on site may be different to what is written.
Although this is true, it is unlikely to occur, at least to any great extent. The reason is that there are other supportive documents and vetting along the way of the vendor. A vendor, which is likely to vary from their method statement, will not obtain further work and will struggle to get paid, as they have not delivered what they have promised.
Hence, a decent competent vendor is not likely to write a comprehensive and compliant work method statement, then ignore it. Vetting complete!

Don’t Write a Novel

Vendors sometimes feel uncomfortable and write a novel, including chapters and verse, including terms like “gained access to the floor”. Ok, so you caught the lift and open the door! We don’t want or need to read this. Get to the matter at hand quickly, yet be precise. Dot point is layout is preferred.
See you on site.

Nigel Wraight

Forte Asset Services

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