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Integrated Facility Management Services

Our Vision: – Operational Excellence in Every Building

What makes us Different?Integrated Facility Management Services - Sydney Melbourne

We Offer our Clientele a choice, and this is how significant changes for overall building financial performance can be achieved

What are Our Integrated Facility Management Services?

We offer our Clientele the traditional Facility and Building Management Services you are familiar with. We also offer our clientele a Unique choice. Internal or external procurement of maintenance services.

We have Technical and Trade people on Staff, performing maintenance, repairs and projects in disciplines such as:

With Facility Manager and Building Managers on the team, we can offer our clients choice.

We can do the works for you or we can outsource to a third party,  its up to youIntegrated Facility Management Services - Sydney

How We Help You Improve Income & Reduce Expenditure

Our team are technical and trade based, this gives our clientele an advantage over their competition, how: –

  • Expertise in-house which means less outsourcing, consultants and lost time
  • Direct Procurement which means less “layering” for you
  • Transparent invoicing which means accountability to you from us
  • Software systems for Services dockets and Facility & Building Management Reporting
  • With Knowledgeable staff, we will not be “railroaded” or “bluffed” into additional works or variations
  • Buying Power across external trades which means lower costs in maintenance and repairs by others if and when required
  • Additional Technical Support for Our Facility & Building Managers from our technical team

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  • Integrated Facility Management
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