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Climate Bonds – Investment

Climate Bonds:

Mobilizing debt capital markets for climate change solutions

“Bonds” are a financial investment instrument, so why are we talking about them here, in a our blog.

We’re just flagging an investment vehicle called “Climate Bonds” which have a greater benefit across the community regarding climate change initiatives and a direct clink to commercial property (which you can find on the web sites below).

In line with our environmental policy , the benefits of “Climate Bonds” include:-
The Structure of the investment vehicle is that the bonds are always used to fund or in some way linked to climate change solutions.
The proceeds often go to specific projects and facilities designed to assist or negate the effects of climate change.
Investment in Commercial property Environmental or sustainability strategy upgrades.risk in engaging a single source suplier for your facility management requirements

Read more in the links below, we hope you find it useful.

Fifth Estate – Climate Bonds
Emissions performance trajectories released for commercial buildings in six major cities: Zero carbon by 2050 goal
green building council of Australia
Understanding Climate Bonds
Commercial Building Disclosure Program

How Can You Help With Climate Change?

Consider a simple Level 1 Energy Audit. In a nutshell, it is simply a “walk about” the building looking for opportunity to make improvements, and typically, depending on the age of the building, there will be many.
For Example:

    • Clustered lights
    • Lighting Zone which too many lights in areas not occupied
    • Poor Air Conditioning Controls
    • Poor car park Supply and exhaust fan management
    • Heating and cooling competing
    • Air Filters not clean
    • Poor Integration between Technical services in the building
    • Low level interface between the Air Conditioning System and the Fire System
    • and the list goes on

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