Commercial Building Manager

Your Commercial Building Manager

The Seven Basic Foundations we require from Our people, as your commercial building manager, when we perform Commercial Building Management are:Forte commercial Building Manager in front of Commercial Buildings

  1. Trade / Technical Background
  2. 5 Years+ of Experience
  3. Well Spoken / Articulate
  4. Responds to Emails and Answers the Phone
  5. Takes Ownership / Responsibility
  6. Understands the responsibilities of all Stakeholders
  7. Genuine affable personality / good Character

Forte Building Management Makes this Promise

  • Your Commercial Building Manager is an Employee (no sub-contracting)
    Forte Commercial Building Manager working Behind a Laptop on site
  • Invoicing is transparent (feel free to call any vendor directly)
  • The Contractors we engage are vetted and are invited to the CM3 Safety prequalification System (ensuring safety system currency and compliance)
  • All Insurances are in place and current, including Professional Indemnity (Public liability is $20,000,000)
  • Contracts have a “no reason” termination Clause so you can terminate any time (with a notice period)

Commercial Client Support

  • 24/7 Help Desk System with ticket tracking
  • We have qualified trade and technical staff to take care of emergencies 24/7
  • Monthly / Weekly reporting
  • Specific Environmental, Safety, Human resources, and Management Policies
  • Buying Power for External trades
  • Contractor Management and documentation trails
  • Regular, on site, monthly visits by the Facility Manager / Engineering Manager as part of any agreement
  • Membership of Various industry bodies for technical and resource support

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