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What is a Methodology Statement The steps the task or scope of works requires from start of finish. Simple enough right! The exercise is not a political or documentation for the sake of it, the exercise is to ask the stakeholders of the vendor, including the workers, and the managers to “think” about some “what […]

What is Facility Performance: When we talk about Facility Performance (or Building Performance) we refer to costs versus income, that is the building operations, Energy management, Building Systems management, such as Air conditioning, vertical rise, lighting Control, Fire, Generators, etc are all working as a single holistic unit to minimize costs and maximize value. Facility […]

Climate Bonds – Investment Climate Bonds: Mobilizing debt capital markets for climate change solutions “Bonds” are a financial investment instrument, so why are we talking about them here, in a our blog. We’re just flagging an investment vehicle called “Climate Bonds” which have a greater benefit across the community regarding climate change initiatives and a […]

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Outsourcing Facility Management There are “Pro’s and Con’s” with any business strategy. Facility Management outsourcing is an important business strategy decision for Fund Managers, Building Owners and Corporate Real-Estate Agents (CRE) alike. The point of this article is to clarify the viability of outsourcing facility management services and what parameters might be considered in choosing […]

The One Question to Ask Your Facility Manager: Do you keep an Asset register database for your building? Creating and Maintaining an Asset register is not always on the priority list of the facility manager, but, it’s a good indication as to the work load the manager has, and if there is time enough to […]

Time Management, a Case for Facility Management Software: Yes, Facility Management Software Helps to be Organized or No, the facility management software is a Complete Waste of time and money. Which team do you subscribe to? A privileged example: Chapter 1 – The Scene It’s been a good week, most of our buildings are ticking […]

Facility Management Software Benefits include: Mitigating Risk Automated Planned maintenance Schedules Contractor Management WH & S Management Simplify Day to Day Work Document Management Real time updates, Reports and info via web Portal Sustainability Management Automated Scheduled Reports Report across the entire Portfolio FM Innovations®, an Australian company based in Melbourne, is the specialist in […]

Outsourcing your Facility Management Services Outsourcing the Facility Management for some is an easy and logical decision, similar to outsourcing the maintenance on your car, you know how it works and you might be able to do a large component yourself, but, you know it has risk attached to it. There ae the idiosyncrasies and […]

Abatement versus Incentive | What Do These Terms Actually Mean Abatement versus Incentive: The Lease agreement or contract between the Landlord (lessor) and the Tenant (Lessee) has various parameters for negotiation, one of the points of opportunity, for both parties is rent abatement or incentive. The terms are not mutually exclusive but rather codependent. WIFM […]

Outsourcing the House Keeping for the Hotel – “What a Stupid Idea!!” The conversation went a little like this: “Who’s idea was that, no one does that!”, “what am I gonna all day?” and “how we gonna know what goes where, like we do now!” “We gonna have to have double of everything”. I think […]

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