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Who is the Building Caretaker?

“Property Manager, Building Manager, Strata Manager,
Somebody tell me, Who is the Building Caretaker?”.


Many people have mixed ideas about titles and the responsibility of those titles within the property industry.

Building Caretaker

Building Caretaker

the Functions of the roles of managers can be blurred especially when we cross between property sectors of the commercial, residential (non-strata), residential strata, industrial and retail.
The way we interpret the management roles and their responsibilities is in a hierarchy form


1. Property Manager
2. Facilities Manager
3. Building Manager
This is our general outline, we can add others such as commercial manager, real estate agent, and others, but we want to keep this generic.
So where does the building caretaker fit in.

Building Caretaker

The building caretaker is an older term for building manager, or alternatively known as the residential manager. Going back a few years, we used to have the “Body Corporate”, which is now the “Owners Corporation”. The title of caretaker is a left over from the “body corporate” days. The role, in the management of the property, is essentially the same. Both serve the strata manager which serves the owner’s corporation.

Duties of the Caretaker

The lines of definition are sometime blurred between a caretaker and a building manager, but the duties are essentially the same. Generally a caretaker is associated with a strata manager and a building manager is associated with a property manager within the commercial building sector. Even so, the roles and responsibilities are the same. slightly different tenants, and different purpose of the building, but the building manager, or caretaker, is there to maintain operations of the building in both instances.

Formal definition

Lets have a look at legislation, the strata act sect 40A note point 4


We refer to the building manager as the role of the manager whom is typically on site dealing with the day to day running of the building, that building can be a residential strata, a commercial office building, or an industrial manufacturing building or a mixture of purposes.
What are your thoughts?

Nigel Wraight
Forte Asset Services

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