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Facility Services delivery includes more than just attending site and organizingOutsource Facility Services and property maintenance corrective maintenance, it encompasses many solid attributes of good business and the foundation of many long term business relationships, for example:


  • communications,
  • transparency,
  • trust,
  • accountability,
  • reporting
  • Mile stones
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • just to name a few

These all form part of the delivery of results for a Building Owner Executive.

Facility Operations:

Often “Out of Mind, Out of Sight” Facility Operations is typically low on the agenda of the Building Owner Executive, however, the Facility Operations budget is in their focus as part of the building’s holistic investment strategy. Outsourcing all facility operations might not be practical, but outsourcing parts or particular disciplines can be both cost effective and rewarding in regards to results and investment of time. the down side can be additional fees, especially for breakdown maintenance.

“Single Point of Responsibility:

Outsourcing the Facility Services for all or part of the scope of work has the major benefit or upside of a “Single Point of Responsibility” for the Property Manager; one phone number with one account manager whom is responsible for the monitoring, maintenance, fixed assets and tenant satisfaction the of site. The Account Manager not only serves to assist in corrective and preventative maintenance management but to keep the client informed, providing service data where necessary, monitoring costing, obsolescence, failure rate, redundancy, and other fixed asset monitoring.

Outsourcing the Facility Services:

There are several ways to do this, the most important aspect for outsourcing the scope of work is to ensure you understand the scope of works and the limitations of the scope of work. Technical services for FacilityManagementThis ensures compliant and competitive quotes as well as the needs of the site are covered by the outsourced service.
Measurement and verification prior to engagement can assist greatly with justifying the cost as well as ensuring the fees are reasonable and budgets are adhered to.

Outsource a Single Discipline:

Perhaps Outsourcing the entire facility system is not ideal, perhaps, consider outsourcing the most difficult discipline, which typically is the HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning) as this is often the largest consumer of energy and water within the building’s resources and typically has the largest budget for corrective and preventative maintenance. There are some mechanical services companies which can do this for you but they have a vested interest, if you use an independent Facility Services Company, then the interest is in building performance and results.

Sub-Contractor Management:

The Facility Services Company will have a group of vetted and trusted suppliers and sub-contractors for most types of works. The relationship between these suppliers and the Facility Services Company will be the leverage for performance and delivery of the supplier. The suppliers must perform for market price, availability, delivery and sustainability to maintain their stature with the Facility Services Company. The suppliers and sub-contractors come under the responsibility of the Facility Services Company to ensure parameters and responsibilities are met and delivered to the Fund Manager/Owner/Commercial Real Estate Agent, (CRE)

Facility Services Company Task:

The most important function of the Facility Services Supplier is to deliver a process that is effective, reducing risk and improving overall Building Performance, which adds value to the facility. The Building is an investment after all.

Nigel Wraight
Forte Asset Services

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