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Every building and every location is different, each need a Building Supervisor that “fits” the situation and the Tenants. There are specifics which need to comply with both legislation and with the local community of the building. The Building Supervisor needs to be”fit” with you and to both the duties for the roles as well as the community the building serves.

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Qualified And Experienced Team

Building Supervisor with his Asset regiser

We will typically employ a building supervisor with a trade back ground, whom are proactive, responsible and communicative. We look for people which are suited to the environment they will be engaged with. Friendly, yet discerning, practical, yet empathetic.
As a business, we need the same principles and dedication from our staff as our clients need in their Building Management and supervision.

Team Training

We invest in our Team to ensure long term retention of staff and long term retention of our clientele.
Training From First Aid, to Australian Standards and Technical systems in buildings, including Chillers and the Digital Controls.

Support Services for Our Building Supervisor

We provide our services for Commercial Landlords, Property Managers, Executive committees, Fund Managers and the like, we know and understand the responsibility of building management and the integral role of the Building Manager to ensure our clients have confidence in the building’s operations.

Building Management Consistency

Our Goal is to maintain consistency on site, delivering services which are supported by checklists and software data base management.

Procedures developed in coordination with our client, legislation requirements, and best practice ensure expectations are met and key performance indicators are strategically allocated for optimum realistic results.


Our Building Management processes serve in preserving and maintaining the Building Assets and delivering proper Operational services. One of the most important investments, we make on behalf of our clients, is Building Management Staff. The Building Manager supervisor is employed to implement and supervise our Facility management services. Their role is to provide reliable, effective, Building Management to deliver results.

Sub Contract Management:

Sub contract Management is critical for cost effectiveness and Workplace Health & Safety (WHS). Subcontractors are monitored for insurances, Safety procedures, job safety analysis, Safe work method statements (SWMS) and on site behavior.

Delivery of proper Maintenance services provide reliable, effective, and economical services. We have extensive experience in contracts Management, reviewing, implementing and managing service agreements, sourcing Market Value and Project Management.

Maintenance Management and Reporting:

The Maintenance Management on site is one of the main services and Building Manager will provide. By including regular reporting including data base asset management and running a “day book” we insure services are up to date, completed on time and cost control of suppliers is monitored.

Building Management Plan

Developing a Building Management plan to reduce costs, optimize technologies on site, look after the tenants and ensure maintenance processes are adhered to, will require a building manager. We tailor our Building Manager services as part of a holistic plan for Operations, Energy conservation, Maintenance and Asset Management.

Building SupervisionBuilding Supervisor Building Management

Our Goal is to maintain transparency with our Client and serve the tenants of the building in a proactive and Professional Manner. We understand the tenant retention and satisfaction is reflected in the rental returns and value of the facility. Building Supervision can serve to reduce tenant complaints, improve operations, and deliver improved operational results for the facility.

Our Building Supervisors are flexible, Manageable, Asset Savvy and keen to perform.

Work Place Health and Safety

The Work Place Health & safety is imperative to maintenance services delivery. Sub contractors are Managed for their own systems and procedures as well as our own and site specific requirements. All insurances are required to be in place and relevant to the job specific duty. Our sub contractor and service provider code of conduct is also part of the contractors obligations, this ensures all parties are clear and any works are completed with minimal interruption.

Our Building Supervisor Scope of Duties Include (but not limited too):

  • Adhere to customer policy and procedure
  • Sub Contractor Management and co-ordination
  • Legislation Compliance – ( services, essential services)
  • BCA Compliance (Building Code of Australia)
  • Warranty/Defects management
  • Tenant Liaison
  • Sub contractor administration (inspect works, payment,Purchase orders)
  • Work Place Safety Supervision on site (WHS checks and monitoring)
  • Site Inductions
  • Fire Warden duties
  • Executive Committee meeting attendance/reporting
  • Monthly detailed reports
  • daily site activity record keeping
  • Cleaner Supervision
  • Waste Systems Supervision
  • Corrective maintenance Supervision
  • Emergency Repairs management
  • Managing Risk associated with Building Operations

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