Building Manager Duties

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Apartment Buildings

Building Manager Duties: The Basic Understanding

There are three fundamentals to the duties of a Building Manager,

  • Supporting the client, typically the Landlord
  • Managing the Tenants, this is the income for the Landlord
  • Monitoring the statutory and regulatory compliance of the site, i.e supporting your employer

Who Is the Landlord or the end Client?

  • This might be an asset management with a company “x” whom hold the property in a trust or in a company “y”
  • Executive Committee
  • Strata Manager
  • Property Manager
  • Real Estate Agent / Property Manager
  • Family Trust / Trustee

A quick Definition

In Building Management, the role often involves reporting to key stakeholders for their authority for major decisions. They need to understand the “coal face” of a situation to understand the benefits of a decision they may be processing.

Hence, the Building Manager will “oversee” tasks, including maintenance, repairs and small projects, to ensure they are completed as quoted and meet the intent of the scope of works agreed upon.

The Building Manager, as part of “overseeing” duties, will report on progress, delays, concerns, tenant’s feedback, faults, defects, estimated costs, budget concerns, contractor behaviours, variations, performance and results.

Taking the responsibility to monitor these works to advise, and at times, make recommendations on the best way forward, based upon supporting reports from contractors and consultant’ s documentation as required.

Keeping this in mind, the scope of the work which supports the building manager and their responsibilities include, but not limited to:





1 Oversee Cleaning and maintaining all open space and / or common areas
2 Oversee the Building Management System which typically controls mechanical air conditioning.
3 Oversee the maintenance and repair security and access control systems;
4 Oversee the maintenance of the Car park lighting to all basement level car parks.
5 Oversee the Basement retail & commercial car park cleaning and maintenance, including car park sweeps and graffiti removal
6 Oversee the maintenance of the Car wash bays including pump, station and oil separation pit.
7 Oversee the Cleaning and upkeep of Maintenance any work shop.Building Management duties | Forte Building Management Janitorial floor cleaning
8 Oversee the maintenance of the Fire stair pressurisation – including fan room equipment & associated risers, ducts, fan motors, variable speed drives, sensors, and controls.
9 Oversee any maintenance of the Shared access ways to car parks – including surfaces, signage, line marking, lighting, etc.
10 Oversee the maintenance of the Car park mechanical ventilation and exhaust systems.
11 Oversee the Main switch-room – maintenance, cleaning and ventilation plant and controls.
12 Oversee Car park Carbon monoxide Sensor(s) and Fan Controls for regular 6 monthly calibrations and tests.
13 Oversee Elevators maintenance, including cleaning, Safe operation certification, telephone operation. Ensure Lift motor room is kept clean and free of Debris
14 Oversee the maintenance of the Cold water systems and cold water booster pump including domestic potable cold water meters, cold water booster pumps, hydraulic services and hose cocks servicing the shared areas (excludes installations for exclusive use of owners, occupiers).
15 Oversee the Cleaning and maintenance of Commercial signage.
16 Oversee the maintenance of the Air supply and air fan service to Commercial Tenants
17 Oversee Paths of egress in common areas are free from obstruction
18 Oversee the Cleaning and maintenance of all services to garbage room including water supply, lighting, bins, etc
19 Oversee the maintenance of the Ground floor loading dock incorporating roller shutter and truck turntable – includes access area to garbage room and trade waste.
20 Oversee the maintenance of External lighting to all shared areas including light poles and all other fittings.
21 Oversee the maintenance of the Fire Services including sprinklers, evacuation system, smoke detectors, fire hydrant booster valves, fire indicator panel, hydrant booster, sprinkler valves, pumps, mimic panels, hydrant riser and hose reel distribution lines, occupant warning system, power to hydrant room and all essential fire safety systems. (instructions for this will be provided by the strata manager)
22 Building Manager Duties | monitor maintain Car Park Fans SydneyOversee the Mechanical system – in car park, including the carbon monoxide fan control system (calibration every six months as per Australian standards.

Access Control & Security Duties

1 Ensure easy access for authorities is granted to the Water meter.
2 Ensure easy access for authorities to the Electricity meter(s)
3 Program, manage, and administer access control fobs and cards to authorized personnel, tenants, visitors and contractors
4 Ensure the access control system is maintained, including contractors performing their maintenance duties, supplying services dockets and debrief on works complete, any recommendations or defects in writing
5 Maintain a current ledger of whom has access cards
6 Maintain a current Key ledger, including registered and unregistered key systems

Management Duties

28 Manage Cleaning of all shared areas;
29 Manage the maintenance of all signage other than supermarket signage and signage owned by occupiers including directional signage, line marking (excl car parks listed in each lot’s responsibilities below), facility signage and building signage
30 Manage Car park sub-soil drainage system – including pipes, pits, pumps, electrics, submarines, grates, etc.
31 Manage access to Communications cupboards located on each floor lobby entries and ground floor.
32 Manage the Garbage removal.
33 Manage access to the Communications room and MDF located in basement 1 under Building C.
34 Manage Review and ensure Fire stairs are all clear and free of obstructions
35 Manage booking for above loading docks;
36 Manage the Maintenance and cleaning of storm water detention system;
37 Ensure all site documentation and other information is kept in the Manager’s office. 27

Critical Dates

40 Annual fire Safety Statement
41 Back Flow Prevention device
42 Thermal Mixer Valves
43 Pressure vessel certification
44 Water tank certifications (including Fire, potable water – typically 2 years)
45 Elevator safe to operate certification
46 Emergency Lighting
47 Test and Tag / RCD testing and record keeping
48 Anti Slip certifications for floors
49 Portable fire extinguishers (different periods for different types)
50 Sprinkler system alarm valve overhauls (5 years)
51 Fire Indication Panel Battery Replacement ( 2 years)
52 Smoke Detectors (10 years)
53 Sprinkler bulb test (25 years)
54 Hydrant valve landing Kits (5 years)
55 Air Handling System filters (typically 6 months)
  • Building Management Handover