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Building Management Proposal

No Obligation, Site Visit and Appraisal for Building Management

Our Building Management Proposal is tailored to help you achieve the best possible outcome in operational excellence for your Building.

There are always many different considerations which effect the scope, the hours, and the price which ultimately effects the sites overall performance.

To deliver a competitive and comprehensive building management quoation, our visit or appraisal is required; there is no obligation, and, there is no cost to you.

Forte Building Management proposal Sydney Melbourne

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Residential | Commercial Building Management Proposal

What is detailed in you Building Management Proposal?

Any Building Management Quotation or Proposal should include the following:

  • Clear identification of the Landlord or Strata
  • The Scope of works the Building manager will be performing (may be synopsis only)
  • On site hours the building manager will be in attendance
  • Any additional hours the facility manager will be on site (there should always be a senior manager involved)
  • The address of the site
  • Emergency Call outs
  • Any special conditions, for example:
    • Early start
    • Handyman “adhoc” works
    • Any direct cleaning
    • After hours works
  • Inclusions
  • Price and validity

Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra

We offer our Building Management services in all three major capital cities.

Trade & Technical Services

Our Background is based upon the trade and technical services including:

  • General Electrical
  • Mechanical Electrical
  • HVAC Mechanical Services
  • Car parks and Carbon monoxide control
  • Fire Services wet and dry
  • Annual fire safety Statements
  • Building Services Audits

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